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  • A-1 Limo & Bus Repair Body Work By A1 LIMO & BUS REPAIR

    A-1 is number one in body repairs for limousines. Whether your limousine has the nicks, dents, dings and scratches that happen to all vehicles or minor damage of a collision, our expert technicians are experts in body repair ranging from precision frame realignment to metal straightening to... Read More
  • A-1 Limo & Bus Repair Interior Upgrades By A1 LIMO & BUS REPAIR

    We can repair and upgrade all of your limo interiors such as leather upholstery, wood bar paneling, adding disco lights, fog machines, etc. Features Acrylic Bars Ice Chests Vanity Mirrors Floor Lights Solid Divider Champagne Glass Holders Fiber Optic in Var Edge Tint Exterior... Read More
  • A-1 Limo & Bus Repair Reconditioning By A1 LIMO & BUS REPAIR

    Conversions range from stock vehicles, super stretch limousines to custom interior buses: consists of livery vehicles, celebrity vehicles, office vehicles and entertainment vehicles. We create each and every conversion to fit all the needs of the individual customers with QUAA Royale Mobile... Read More
  • Abrastop Foam lite/Flooring system By Baultar Concept, Inc.

    Freight Industry - Cab Flooring and Transit Industry - Transit Car Flooring Abrastop™ Floor covering for transportation vehicule. The full life cycle expectations of ABRASTOP™ covering, the low cost of maintenance and lack of need for repairs; all combine to make this an economical... Read More
  • Accident Investigation By Pupil Transportation Safety Institute

    This comprehensive, three-day course, taught by PTSI’s Accident Investigation Experts, helps operations improve school bus accident scene management and develop bus accident response policies and procedures. PTSI’s unique course provides classroom instruction and hands-on field work, including... Read More
  • AccuStyle® Mirror System By Rosco, Inc.

    The AccuStyle® Series mirrors combine the functionality of the EuroStyle® Series with the unique engineering capability to also be retrofitted to old or new “Loop” style arms. The AccuStyle® mirrors can be mounted on two-point, upright or overhang arms. Although employing light weight materials... Read More
  • Acoustical Products By InsulTech LLC

    Our acoustical insulation composites are designed to control, dampen, direct and/or eliminate noise. These composite include foam, low-density fiberglass, vinyl barriers and a variety of facings. Enhanced surface treatments such as embossed polyester, perforated vinyl and urethane matte can... Read More
  • Activity Buses By Thomas Built Buses

    Field trips. School teams. Band competitions. Scouts. Summer camps. For every trip, there is a Thomas Built activity bus to get you there. And each one is built to the same high standards of quality and safety. In fact, our activity buses meet Multi-Function School Activity Bus (MFSAB)... Read More
  • Aeroflash Back-up Alarms By Aeroflash Signal Div. of Mellish & Murray Co. Inc.

    "Sealed-in-Epoxy" construction withstands dust, moisture and vibration. All Aeroflash Back-up Alarms also feature: * Low Current Draw...less than 0.5 amps * Polarity & Voltage Spike Protection * Reliability in Extreme or cold * Steam-cleanable... Read More
  • Aeroflash Flashers, Accessories and Equipment for School Buses By Aeroflash Signal Div. of Mellish & Murray Co. Inc.

    Aeroflash also offers: Flashers, Relays, Power Supplies, 4- to 8-Lamp Conversion kits, Stop-Arm Strobe Retrofit Kits, Warning Light Monitors, Relay Testers and Back-up Alarms Read More
  • Aeroflash Strobe Warning Lights By Aeroflash Signal Div. of Mellish & Murray Co. Inc.

    Aeroflash rooftop strobes are the top choice for pupil transporters across the nation. They feature aircraft-quality components, low amperage draw, no RFI noise problems, and low cost of ownership. Every Aeroflash strobe light undergoes three quality control tests during manufacture. In... Read More
  • Air Conditioning Compressor Clutch By Warner Electric

    A device attached to the AC Compressor that aids in the consistent engagement of the AC Compressor cycle Read More
  • Air Dryers By Haldex Brake Products Corp.

    Haldex air treatment products work individually or in combination to minimize the build-up of water, oil and other contaminants while minimizing maintenance. Contaminants in the system clog valves, deteriorate rubber parts and wash away much needed system lubricants. This leads to corrosion,... Read More
  • Alliance Parts By Freightliner- Alliance Brand Parts

    When you demand quality parts at an affordable price ask for Alliance. The private-label brand of Daimler Trucks North America LLC, Alliance Parts offers a range of new and remanufactured reliable parts and accessories. Available at Thomas Built Bus dealers in the U.S. and Canada. Read More
  • Amerex Corporation By Amerex

    Amerex products include a full range of portable and wheeled fire extinguishers. Fire suppression systems for restaurant, industrial, off-road vehicle, transit vehicle, clean agent, and methane gas detection applications. Products made in U.S.A. Amerex is an ISO 9001 and 14001 registered firm. Read More
  • Ameritrans Bus Sales By Absolute Bus Sales

    We are proud to announce that we are now a dealer for Ameritrans Buses for Sale. Shuttle Buses, Mid Size Buses and Para Transit Buses built by Ameritrans are designed with generous leg and headroom and large touring windows. Every bus manufactured with quality fabrics and components to meet our... Read More
  • Antilock Braking Systems By Haldex Brake Products Corp.

    Provides More Responsive and Precise Braking Control Exclusive control logic, Haldex Select Low/High protocol (SLH), allows Haldex PLC Select to cycle deeper and recover faster Differences in wheel conditions are sensed, automatically adjusting the ABS to maintain proper braking characteristics... Read More
  • ArcLogistics By Esri

    Save with ArcLogistics Routing Software. ArcLogistics helps you create optimized routes and schedules based on multiple factors such as customer needs, business rules, vehicle traits, and street restrictions. Use ArcLogistics routing software to plan your routes, cut your fleet costs, improve... Read More
  • ATRO Torque Bushings By ATRO Engineered Systems, Inc.

    ATRO's two piece rods and torque rod bushings feature free-rotation pin. Just rotate the pin to the proper angle without pre-stressing the bushing for easy installation. No costly set up as ends, centers and torque rod bushings use same installation/removal tool you are already using. ATRO also... Read More
  • ATRO End, Center and Bar Pins Bushings By ATRO Engineered Systems, Inc.

    These ATRO products are backed by an extended warranty. These bushings feature ATRO's free-rotation design to eliminate stress from bushing material, giving the bushings LONGER LIFE. The chemically resistant polyurethane material is immune to contamination from road salt, acidic cleaning... Read More
  • ATRO Shackle Kits & Spring Pins By ATRO Engineered Systems, Inc.

    ATRO Engineered Systems, Inc.’s Shackle Kits and Spring Pins provide a long-life, no maintenance/no grease solution to labor intensive bi-metal bushings and pins. The design limits lateral movement of the pin while still allowing proper articulation of the pin within the bushing. This provides... Read More
  • ATRO's Haulmaxx Bolster Spring Kit By ATRO Engineered Systems, Inc.

    ATRO introduces the LP50-24179 Bolster Spring Kit for Hendrickson Haulmaxx suspensions (all models). These springs feature a mechanical bond between polyurethane and plates, providing improved bond strength. Read More
  • ATRO's Low Rebound Mack Pads By ATRO Engineered Systems, Inc.

    ATRO's Mack pads last longer. The low rebound keeps plate from shearing away from the pad, reducing cab damage and T-leaf breakage, resulting in a smoother ride. Read More
  • Audio/Video Solutions By REI

    Solution: Entertainment Enhance your customer experience and improve your ROI with superior, reliable and customizable audio/video systems for passenger information and entertainment. Read More
  • Audiovox 12-Volt DC Audio/Video Distribution Amplifier By Bus Electronics

    Audiovox VA-100 Audio/Video Distribution Amplifier; 12vdc power via included harness; (1) A/V input and (4) A/V outputs. A/V Connections are RCA type. Read More
  • Auto & Truck Refinish Product Line By Global Finishing Solutions

    GFS manufactures the most extensive line of paint booths and finishing systems designed for body shops of all shapes and sizes. Our Auto & Truck Refinish Division is changing the face of the Refinish industry with innovative new concepts and technologies designed to increase profits, lower... Read More
  • Automatic Brake Adjuster By Haldex Brake Products Corp.

    By constantly maintaining optimum brake lining-to-drum clearance, Haldex ABAs reduce stopping distances and increase driver control and confidence under all conditions. Optimum brake adjustment helps prevent uneven tire and brake wear; reducing operating expenses and downtime costs. It’s the... Read More
  • Automatic Fuel Recirculating Systems (FRS) By RCI Technologies

    The Automatic Fuel Recirculating System (FRS) is UL 508A listed and Green Clean Institute certified. It is designed to automatically circulate and clean stored fuel on a preprogrammed schedule without the use of filter elements. All of RCI's FRS units utilize RCI Technologies' patented fuel... Read More
  • Automatic Transmissions By ATR Transmission Remanufacturing, Inc.

    ATR provides All models of Fleet Transmissions Allison Transmission® AT, MT, HT, MD, HD, B, and 1000/2000 Series Lighty-Duty Car & Truck Transmissions General Motors – Ford – Chrysler Import Truck Transmissions Mitsubishi – Isuzu – Hino – Sprinter – UD Off-Highway Industrial... Read More
  • Auxiliary Brake Lamp By Prevost

    The 612 Auxiliary lamp mounts to the bumper and is wired in with your brake lights and will strobe up to five seconds upon depression of the brake pedal and then will become a solid tail light. Studies show that strobing lights shorten driver reaction time by 0.2 seconds at 50 mph which equates... Read More
  • Auxiliary Coolant Heater Designed for School Buses By Proheat

    Proheat X45 is a powerful, diesel-powered school bus pre-heating solution for quick and reliable cold weather starting. The heater becomes part of the school bus heating system, supplying added heat for passengers while reducing fuel costs and emissions from unnecessary engine idling. An... Read More
  • A-Z Bus Services By A-Z Bus, Inc.

    Full Service Provider for Buses, Commercial Trucks and Vans Friendly service, quality work at affordable prices Whether you have a fleet of school buses, commercial buses, transit buses, commercial trucks or vans, A-Z Bus Sales’ Service Centers are ready to provide maintenance, repairs, or... Read More