VIS Releases New VIS-Check Video

Press Release from Vehicle Inspection Systems (VIS)

Vehicle Inspection Systems (VIS) is excited to introduce a new product video for the VIS-Check diagnostic machine. On the market since 1994, the VIS-Check is a performance-based brake tester combined with a dynamic road simulator that automates the inspection of brakes, steering and suspension components of heavy trucks, transit buses, school buses, motor homes and more.

“The VIS-Check is an incredible machine with outstanding inspection capabilities. This new video is an up-to-date way of displaying those features,” Mark Keegans, VP of Sales and Marketing at VIS, commented. “With different models available to work in any type of facility, the VIS-Check is a great addition to any service shop, maintenance facility, or enforcement agency.”

As partner to the recently updated VIS-Polish media materials, the new VIS-Check video is a streamlined and dynamic representation of the abilities of the machine. The 1-minute video is a summarized look at the full VIS-Check process including assessing braking force and evaluating steering and suspension components.

The video can be viewed here or the Vehicle Inspection Systems YouTube channel here.

Since 1994, Vehicle Inspection Systems (VIS) has been a front-runner for heavy duty vehicle, truck, and bus safety in the trucking and transportation industries specializing in brake and undercarriage inspection as well as wheel and rim safety. For more information regarding the VIS-Check and other VIS products, visit our website or call us at 866-847-8721.

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