Press Release from E TIP, Inc.

For many, this winter may be severe. It has been most trying for those in repair shops who work on the vehicles and machinery to start and keep them operating in severe cold. Fuel gelling becomes a serious problem and a costly one for that short run from the storage yard into the shop.

Our Universal Fuel Filter Preheater™ can easily prevent the costly fuel gelling allowing the equipment to start and be moved into the shop without being stalled by fuel gelling. Designed to be held in position on the fuel filter with two springs and two nylon ties to snug it up, the Universal Fuel Filter Preheater™ within a few minutes delivers enough heat energy to break the gelling inside the filter and allow free flow to the fuel.

Quickly mount it temporarily to the fuel filter using the supplied two springs and nylon ties. Drawing 85 watts the 12v version can be powered by an independent 12v battery for the short ride into the shop and then it can be removed and the battery set aside. There is no thermostat on the 12v and the 24v version so that they continue to heat as long as the electrical energy is connected. We recommend for the 12v version that a 10-amp fuse be installed in line. Allow the Fuel Filter Preheater™ time to operate similar to glow plugs – two to three minutes – before cranking.

The move into the shop can now be a smooth operation without the costly fuel gelling problem by using the Universal Fuel Filter Preheater™.

The cold weather products offered by the Universal Heater Co., Inc. help improve starting and operations and bottom line business performance. " THE BEST WAY TO PREHEAT ALMOST ANYTHING ."  We design for unusual applications, let us know what you need.

Include both the "Peel & Stick" Universal Preheater™ for engines, hydraulic systems, transmissions, gear boxes, etc. and the Universal Filter Preheater™ in your cold weather package and be assured that you have selected a more effective and complete solution to cold weather problems.

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