Press Release from E TIP, Inc.

The ET-850 Universal Slide Mount for two way radios provides a standardized mobile radio mounting platform for vehicles and other equipment applications while allowing the operator with the key to remove the radio easily and quickly. Equipped with a tubular lock cylinder the ET-850 helps to prevent unauthorized removal and transfers, tampering and thefts of opportunity.

Different makes and models of radio can be fitted to the slide tray allowing different radios to be installed in any location equipped with a Locking Base. Adapters are supplied to fit each radio to the Slide Tray even very narrow radios.

Technicians for fleet operations save labor because the radio can be mounted onto the Slide Tray at the work bench. The Locking Base is securely mounted in the vehicle. The radio on the Slide Tray is then easily inserted into the Base eliminating blind fumbling with tools to secure hidden fasteners. Technician labor is maximized wherever the ET-850 is used.

The black powder coat finish is durable and attractive for use in a luxury automobile or a work vehicle.

Many fleet organizations such as fire, law enforcement, utilities, school buses, marine operations, trucking, contractors, service and commercial organizations, etc. encounter expensive and disruptive loss of communications because of crimes aimed at the two-way radio. Fleet communications are an important infrastructure component that is vital to providing superior service.

Using the ET-850 Universal Locking Slide Mount lessens the potential for disruption of a fleet communications network.  The ET-850 fits most of the mobile two-way radios on the market today. We design for new applications.

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