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Press Release

Johns Island, SC – October 15, 2009 — LORISER LIFT COMPANY has introduced a new moveable front post option to their line of LoRiser Lifts, designed for tire, brake, and suspension work on heavy duty vehicles.

The new pushbutton controlled hydraulically-moveable front post adjusts forward and rearward to accommodate trucks and busses of various wheelbases. The addition of a moveable front post unit to the standard fixed post rear unit allows lifting both the front and rear of vehicles at the same time. Containment vaults housing lift components are flush mounted in the concrete floor.

The LoRiser moveable-post front unit shares the environmentally safe "state of the art" power system of the fixed-post unit, combining high pressure hydraulics and double acting pistons. The two-stage pump/hydraulic fluid reservoir is housed in the control console above the floor. The entire system contains only 3 gallons of hydraulic fluid. Hydraulic lines in conduit connect the power unit to each vault providing easy access and eliminating the possibility of soil contamination. Self-opening/closing doors, a LoRiser Lift exclusive, maintain a "clear floor" design except when the lift is activated.

A remote control pendant allows the user to operate lift anywhere along the length of the vehi- cle. Axle engaging adapters allow lifting of all vehicles. The manufacturer confirms a 30 - 40 minute time savings in setup/teardown for tire, brake, and suspension applications, with an ROI of a year or less.

"Even with the increase in productivity, the major benefit is safety in operation compared to conventional methods of wheel services" states the manufacturer. Please visit the LoRiser Lift website at www.LoRiserlift.com or call (888) 996 - 7426 for more information.

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