Hours of Service (HOS)/Electronic Logging Device (ELD) (10 companies found)

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  • VisTracks, Inc.


    Easy, reliable, accurate fleet management solution. A complete solution for managing your whole fleet operation. Connecting drivers, dispatch and the back office to enable efficient processes, safe operations and sustainable, profitable businesses.
  • GPS Insight

    The GPS Insight Vehicle & Asset Tracking Solutions are tailored specifically to your business to tackle your costly fleet challenges. No one focuses more on the customer experience and flexibility of GPS tracking solutions than GPS Insight. GPS Insight is a leading technology provider GPS...
  • CarrierWeb

  • E-Logs Technology


  • Stoneridge Inc.- EZ-LED

  • One View™ Pedigree Technologies

  • Omnitrac, LLC.

  • Zonar

    Zonar is a transportation technology company that helps pupil transportation fleets improve regulatory compliance, increase fleet efficiency, and improve safety. Fleets utilize Zonar’s suite of solutions to capture vehicle-related data that can be integrated with other backend systems or viewed...