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  • ECOLIFT In-ground Lifts By Stertil-Koni

    This innovative, unique ultra-shallow scissor lift offers the latest in advanced technology. The ECOLIFT installs in a shallow 34 inch pit, operates with 7 gallons of hydraulic fluid, and incorporates the Continuous Recess feature which allows the operator to position the front lift under... Read More
  • Eco-Star Anti-Idling System By InterMotive Inc

    Eco-Star is an automatic stop / start system that turns off the engine (but leaves battery power on) when the vehicle is in Park and other conditions are met thus preventing unnecessary idling. If teh battery voltage drops below a set level, teh engine will automatically restart. All of this... Read More
  • Efficiency studies By Transportation Advisory Services (TAS)

    Detailed review of all aspects of student transportation program including policy, procedures, labor, fleet, routing, staffing, management systems, costs, and more. Read More
  • Electronic Vehicle Inspection Report (EVIR) By Zonar

    For Pre- and Post-Trip Inspections EVIR simplifies the entire pre- and post-trip inspection process. It is easy to use, captures powerful new fleet performance data and speeds vehicle repairs. EVIR is the only verified visual inspection system available. It complies with all DOT-mandated pre-... Read More
  • Electronics By Valeo Thermal Commercial Vehicles North America, Inc

    We Manage It When it’s a matter of regulating all components for an optimum bus climate, we are the right partner. The efficient and error-free management of component hardware is directly attributable to the intelligence of the software. A multitude of highly complex components are incorporated... Read More
  • Emergency Fuel Transfer and Filtration Unit (PTFU) By RCI Technologies

    Emergency Fuel Transfer and Filtration Unit (PTFU) can be used to clean stored diesel fuel and transfer fuel between tanks. It is ideal for boat owners, fuel docks and stations, truck fleets, bus fleets and various other diesel fuel applications. The portable unit includes an FP 700 fuel... Read More
  • Emergency Vehicles By C E Niehoff & Co.

    A1-600 Series C500 Series C600 Series C700 Series Read More
  • EMP Electric Water Pump By Engineered Machined Products Inc

    EMP offers its' WP29 as a remote mount electric water pump which can withstand the most extreme conditions in the harshest environments. Capable of full controllability, or single speed, the WP29 electric water pump can fulfill a variety of cooling needs, without any limitations or restrictions.... Read More
  • EMP Mini-Hybrid Thermal System By Engineered Machined Products Inc

    EMP is the innovative leader in improving fuel economy, reducing emissions, improving safety and enabling cost-effective rebuild/retrofit on Municipal Transit Bus Fleets with a Mini-Hybrid Thermal Management System. EMP's Mini-Hybrid Thermal System is a revolutionary advanced thermal management... Read More
  • EMP Power 450 Brushless Alternator By Engineered Machined Products Inc

    EMP's Power 450 Brushless Alternator is a robust, high performance alternator that provides “Best in Class Performance at Low Speeds/Idle". A perfect 50 DN drop-in replacement, EMP’s Power 450 Brushless Alternator is a heavy-duty brushless alternator that provides 450 amps at 24 volts and... Read More
  • Engine Compartment Overheat Fire Alarm By Jomarr Products, Inc.

    The Jomarr Engine Compartment Overheat Fire Alarm Kit (P/N AK-10237) includes the Heat Detector Thermostat which resets automatically at cool down and contains a heat sensitive bimetal snap action disc, housed in a ceramic case to handle extreme high temperatures. The housing is filled with a... Read More
  • ENTELLIGENCE By Valeo Thermal Commercial Vehicles North America, Inc

    Valeo presents “Entelligence”, the world’s best solution for modern eBus climate. It is based on innovative air conditioning components, a newly developed control software which intelligently activates the component with the highest level of efficiency, and the “Valeo Touch Display”, the first... Read More
  • EP1plus By Child Check Mate Systems Inc

    We are proud to introduce our EP1plus, which offers an array of new features and versatility - while maintaining backwards compatibility with our industry leading EP1. We paid particular attention to assuring that this new product functions seamlessly with over 300,000 Child Check-Mate Systems... Read More
  • EP2plus By Child Check Mate Systems Inc

    Our EP2plus was created because of our devoted customer base and their feedback. A desire for a more intuitive system that could communicate with drivers and actually scan the vehicle when empty, accommodate multiple languages and support a deeper integration with third party solutions, became a... Read More
  • Equipment and Machinery for Transit Maintenance Shops By RAILQUIP, INC.

    Railquip, Inc. is a supplier of equipment and machinery for railcar and locomotive, truck and bus maintenance shops, including: air brake test benches; auxiliary trucks; CNC bending and straightening of train track rail; compact rerailing units; cranes; exhaust evacuation systems; grinding... Read More
  • Equipment Packages By LoRiser Lifts

    LoRiser Lift is an environmentally friendly in-ground Heavy Duty vehicle Lift. LoRiser AUTOMATES the manual jacking process used in all tire service, brake, suspension, and inspection work. AUTOMATION is both safer and faster than manual jacking and blocking; allowing increased productivity and... Read More
  • Esquire Bus Seat By Freedman Seating Company

    The ultimate combination of safety and comfort for all passengers. We gave our engineers two priorities, Safety and Comfort. They gave us the stylish Freedman Esquire seat. Features include height adjustable 3-point shoulder belts, Knee Saver backrests for increased hip-to-knee room, and... Read More
  • ET-850 Locking Slide Mount By E TIP, Inc.

    The ET-850 Locking Slide Mount provides convenience, ease of use and security in a black, powder-coat finish that is attractive in a luxury vehicle and yet rugged for use in a working vehicle. The ET-850 is a basic platform designed to accept many different makes and models of mobile 2 ways.... Read More
  • Eurostyle M715OG By RMK Distributors Inc.

    8" x 15" dual mirror, overhang mount, hand adjustable Read More
  • Eurostyle RM715 By RMK Distributors Inc.

    8" x 15" dual mirror, overhang mount, hand adjustable. Read More
  • Eurostyle RM7170G By RMK Distributors Inc.

    8"x17" dual mirror, 7"x9.5" flat glass, 7"x6" convex glass, overhang mount, 12 volt motorized Read More
  • EuroStyle® Mirror System By Rosco, Inc.

    Our most popular mirror in the school and transit bus industry. Used on full size and cut-away platforms and available in all configurations and for many other industries. *Classic 8"x15" dual mirror style available in upright or overhang formation. *Utilized across many industries, from... Read More
  • EveryAlert By Everyday Solutions Inc.

    EveryAlert™ - Ensure the safety of students and drivers with real-time emergency and policy violation alerts. Alerts dispatchers, supervisors and emergency responders when the driver presses the emergency button or when speed or engine idling thresholds are exceeded. Read More
  • EveryPoint By Everyday Solutions Inc.

    EveryPoint - Advanced GPS tracking hardware that tracks and captures vehicle data and maximizes fleet performance. It monitors and reacts to vehicle conditions based on pre-determined rules or thresholds with transmission updates every 10 seconds – the fastest in the industry. Choose from a... Read More
  • EveryWhere Pro By Everyday Solutions Inc.

    EveryWhere® Pro – A powerful Automatic Vehicle Location Application (AVL). Get quick real-time answers to questions on the whereabouts of school buses and service vehicles and do strategic planning based on historical data. Analyze vehicle information and view maps of vehicle activities. Compare... Read More
  • Expandable Multicouplers By Sinclair Technologies

    Our line of expandable multicouplers includes UHF, Tetra, Low band, Aviation and VHP expandable multicouplers. Our C27027-2-1 (shown) is a C Series, pass-reject, 7" cavities, two bandpass, one reject, 132-136 MHz. Electrical Specifications: Frequency Range MHz 132 to 136 Input VSWR (max)... Read More
  • Extruded Rubber Products By Timco Rubber Products Inc.

    From tubing to clip-on seals, Timco Rubber offers a wide variety of rubber extrusions. These include custom extruded profiles in continuous lengths or cut to length and intricate profile shapes. We also offer color matching services. There are a number of popular rubber extruded products.... Read More
  • Eye-Max LP®/Hawk Convex/Cross View Mirror By Rosco, Inc.

    The Eye-Max LP™ represents the next step in the evolution of cross view mirrors. It improves on the performance of the already successful Hawk-Eye® and Mini-Hawk-Eye® mirrors which have been the “Workhorses” of the school bus industry for the past fifteen years. The novelty of the Eye-Max LP™ is... Read More
  • EZ-Cleans Plus® Kit By SAFETEC OF AMERICA Inc

    This EZ-Cleans Plus® Kit includes personal protection items for the cleanup of blood or body fluid spills. Encapsulating and containing potentially infectious spills helps reduce employee exposure to infectious waste, as well as possible cross-contamination of co-workers, customers or family... Read More