Racing for a Cause; Extreme Energy Solutions Drivers Take Laps for Project Help

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WANTAGE, N.J., March 22, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Extreme Energy Solutions Brand Ambassadors and Race Car Drivers include ARCA Driver Tommy Vigh Jr., NASCAR Xfinity Series Driver David Starr, and DIRT Car Hall of Fame Driver Jeff Heotzler - three drivers from different racing divisions coming together to race for a cause.

Project Help, a non-profit organization whose purpose is to assist Veterans and their families in need, is getting a little help from race car drivers from various racing arenas to help educate communities about the importance of supporting those that have served in the military and are now finding themselves and their families dealing with difficulties in the aftermath. The 501c3 non-profit, based in Wantage, New Jersey, is led by long-time Veteran Advocate, Sandy Mitchell, who is the Founder and CEO of Project Help.

Project Help serves as a resource center and is connected with a number of other Veteran-focused organizations, some that are community non-profit based and some that are directly affiliated with Veteran services in the areas of health care, job assistance, job training, employment, counseling and support groups.

"Employment is the first defense against Veteran homelessness. When a Veteran can find a job that will provide him/her with a reasonable standard of living and compensation package (livable wage), the Veteran is able to hold themselves up by their own efforts," stated Mitchell.

Unfortunately, most Veterans cannot find work that is in line with their previous assignment in the military, and therefore, must become trained and acquire new skills for job placement. Access and the ability to pay for education go hand-in-hand with gainful employment. Project Help has stepped in and assisted Veterans in the past that were just a few yards away from completing their higher education goals, with assistance from the Project Help Hardship Fund.

Project Help launched its Mobile Closet (a bus retrofitted to serve as a mobile campus) which is stocked with clothing, used laptop computers for crafting job resumes, and personal grooming/hygiene products for Veterans who may need these items in preparation for employment interviews. This service is a FREE service to Veterans, as all of the items on the bus are donated by private individuals and businesses that help fund the mobile closet's operation.

Project Help has assisted in connecting homeless Veterans with job opportunities with employers who understand the importance of putting Veterans back to work in gainful employment. Many of these employers are small business owners who are either Veterans themselves or have loved ones who are. One such company that takes the importance of assisting Veterans in need to heart is the green technology firm, Extreme Energy Solutions.

Extreme Energy Solutions has been a corporate supporter of Project Help since its inception, and has lent its staff, executive team, and race car drivers to help share the message of Project Help and assist in carrying out events and programs that directly help Veterans and their families.

"Helping Veterans has always been important to us. We have hired Veterans in the past, and some of our corporate leadership has served this country as well," mentioned Samuel K. Burlum of Extreme Energy Solutions.

"Our race drivers and brand ambassadors have a large audience of followers, and we thought leveraging our drivers' relationships with their fans would provide an opportunity for Project Help to expand its footprint in sharing their message."

Extreme Energy Solutions Brand Ambassador and ARCA Driver, Tommy Vigh Jr., hits the track for his first race of the year - the Lucas Oil 200 on Saturday, February 9, 2019.

David Starr, NASCAR Xfinity Series Driver and Extreme Energy Solutions Brand Ambassador, drives the field for the NASCAR Xfinity Series Daytona 300 on Saturday February 16, 2019.

Hall of Fame DIRT Car Driver and Extreme Energy Solutions Brand Ambassador, Jeff Heotzler, begins his season in spring of 2019 with his first race at the Orange County Fair Speedway.

Each driver will display the Project Help logo on their cars in partnership with Extreme Energy Solutions. Extreme Energy Solutions will allocate marketing space on cars so Project Help can connect with fans during race events. In addition, Extreme Energy Solutions and the drivers will dedicate specific races toward Veteran recognition in gratitude for their service and to drive awareness to some of the most pressing issues and challenges that Veterans face.

Extreme Energy Solutions, Extreme Kleaner, and the SMART Emissions Reducer are proud partners of Daytona International Speedway and Daytona 500. For more information visit or

For more information about Project Help or if you would like to donate today, visit

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