Sun Metro Transforms Mobility Passenger Accessibility with Q'Straint

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Dec. 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The Sun Metro Transportation Authority (SMTA) took the quantum leap by enhancing its fixed route bus fleet with the installation of the Q'STRAINT QUANTUM, an automatic wheelchair securement solution.

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The QUANTUM allows mobility passengers to secure themselves through intelligent technology – with minimal operator assistance - when traveling on transit vehicles like SMTA buses.

"When Sun Metro first installed the QUANTUM on its buses to me it was like going from the Flintstones to the Jetsons in terms of wheelchair securement. Now when a bus reaches my stop with an unoccupied QUANTUM, I say 'Yes. Thank you."

-Lori Vugteveen, Mobility Passenger and Advocate of QUANTUM and SMTA

SMTA's assistant director of maintenance, Kevin Bunce, initiated the process gradually by installing the QUANTUM as a pilot program starting in six buses and dispatched them into their heaviest mobility market routes. After an ample time to test the QUANTUM, the majority of mobility passengers voted for SMTA to initiate a QUANTUM standard install.

"Being in the business for nearly 40 years, my peers often ask me what we use for mobility device securement," Bunce stated. "I just tell them if you want to use the best, most reliable and cost effective wheelchair securement system go with Q'STRAINT. I promise them that they won't be disappointed."

The entire QUANTUM procurement process ran smoothly – starting with initial interest from Sun Metro leadership, followed by a comprehensive community outreach program, and then a successful six-month field evaluation trial. These developments led to SMTA adopting the QUANTUM on a significant number of buses on the Bus Rapid Transit fleet as well as some of its regular bus fleet.

Bunce is beginning to see his quest for complete mobility passenger securement autonomy materialize with his agency's adoption of the QUANTUM. While he has experienced first-hand significant advances in the mobility transportation industry through the years, he never envisioned wheelchair passengers boarding a bus and independently securing themselves with minimal operator assistance.

"The QUANTUM makes you feel so independent," Vugteveen reflects. "You get up on the bus, you pull into the securement space, push a button and voila, you are ready to ride safely without the bus driver having to leave his seat to help you."


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