Rear View Safety To Attend 2018 NTEA Work Truck Show

Press Release from Rear View Safety

NEW YORK, Feb. 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Rear View Safety, an industry leader in the sales and distribution of vehicle safety solutions, including backup camera systems, backup sensor systems, driver fatigue systems, mobile DVR's, and dash cameras, will attend the 2018 NTEA Work Truck show March 7-9th in Indianapolis, IN. The NTEA is an annual trade show where thousands of industry professionals come together to display their best work trucks and work truck equipment.

The Brooklyn based company will be showcasing a variety of safety solutions, including the innovative RVS-77550 360+ Bird's Eye View Camera System. Not only does the 360+ erase blind spots and assist with parking navigation on narrow roads (all other 360° systems only have these features), it is also equipped with two side cameras to help with lane changes and highway driving. This system is the best of both worlds. The omni-directional perspective from the 360° cameras create a bird's eye view of the vehicle, while ultra-wide angle side cameras are activated with vehicle's turn signals.

The company will also be featuring the SimpleSight™ Wireless Series. These innovative systems feature a 100' digital wireless range guaranteed to work at highway speeds. The RVS-155W SimpleSight™ Wireless Backup Camera System with a 5" Single Screen Monitor includes instant pair and a waterproof backup camera. The SimpleSight™ series also includes the dual channel RVS-255W, the 7" RVS-355W, and the 5" RVS-PK1.

A variety of MobileMule™ Mobile DVR's will be on display at NTEA this year. Excellent for GPS tracking and fleet management, the MobileMule™ DVR series is one of the best mobile video recording option on the market. With massive storage capabilities, GPS tracking and live video remote viewing (desktop/mobile), the MobileMule™ series was designed for commercial fleet use. Click here to view Rear View Safety's DVR catalog.

Rear View Safety will be displaying in booth #324 from March 7-9th. The company will also have a display in Safe Fleet's exhibit, located in booth #921.

Rear View Safety has long been a leader in vehicle safety solutions. The commercial backup camera provider is also available on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and maintains a Road Safety Resource site.

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